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I joined Pink Coat MD to support the founders whom I respect for so many reasons, and I did not realize that I would expand my personal support system so vastly by joining. The other women in medicine I got to meet during the sessions are now a circle of professional and personal inspirations and support. And the meditation and compassionate care strategies I learned have helped me support myself better- to be at peace, to feel less pain, to love more. I look forward to more sessions to expand my skills in leadership as well. I would want all my colleagues in medicine to have access to what Pink Coat MD is offering!

Bonnie W. Lau, MD, PhDPediatric Hematology Oncology

My participation in Pink Coat, MD, has opened up my eyes to the gender inequality and implicit bias in medicine that I have long felt and suspected, but have not explicitly discussed before. Pink Coat, MD, has inspired me to help change that double standard, and it has empowered me to start seeking small achievable changes within my own organization. The support of having an organization like Pink Coat, MD, behind me, and a network of women physicians beside me, has made me comfortable to start speaking up and confident to start pursuing leadership roles myself. I’m so grateful for the resources and inspiration from Pink Coat, MD.

Jennifer Barkley, MDInternal Medicine - Pediatrics

I was able to receive a raise as well as asked for stock options after implementing the negotiation skills I learned from Pink Coat, MD...!

Dr. Amy

Pink Coat, MD has been a ray of light in a very dark year, Pink Coat gave me a path and energy to achieve so many goals!

Special Annual Intentions Event Participant

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