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Empowering each other with resources, community, and collaboration

We believe empowering each other with high-quality resources compassionate community and radical collaborations will transform our experience for the better. We hope to educate, empower, inspire, energize and prepare us for success in the workplace and in our lives. Our current core focus is education by live webinars and events

What We Offer

Proven solutions we provide to women physicians everywhere

Leadership Development

Looking to develop yourself as a woman physician leader?

More and more data has emerged, proving that women make incredible leaders. And yet so many of us women physicians, do not see our own leadership potential, or even realize that we already are leaders.

Through our evidence-based, expert leadership training, we want to equip you with the skills and resources to thrive as a woman physician leader regardless of your title or position. As John C. Maxwell, one of the preeminent grandfathers of leadership, says, “Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.”

Professional coaching

Looking for an easier way to tackle life’s challenges and feel more in control of your life?

We want to help you partner with a professional coach either 1:1 or in an intimate group and provide you confidential, expert support to navigate whatever workplace and life challenges you may be facing.

Studies show that physicians who receive professional coaching had a significant reduction in emotional exhaustion and overall symptoms of burnout, as well as improvements in overall quality of life and resilience.

Peer support

Looking for a community of compassionate, supportive women physicians?

We want to provide you with a safe, confidential, supportive network of other women doctors who understand your experience.

Learning from each other as peers can be just as effective as mentorships and sponsorships. Regularly scheduled, small groups reflecting on common themes have been shown to help us feel we are not alone and that we have shared experiences in our medical training and practice.


Desiring a gentle and more loving approach to yourself?

We want to help you learn more about mindful self-compassion, a proven tool used to improve our emotional and physical well-being.

Countless research studies have shown that self-compassion is strongly associated with emotional well-being, lowering our levels of stress, anxiety and depression, and increasing our happiness, optimism, self-efficacy, resilience, healthy lifestyle and more rewarding relationships!

Relationships & family support

Searching for support and constructive advice on being a first time Mom, managing work-family life, and parenting while practicing as the powerful physician that you are?

We want to enrich your family life and your experience as a physician Mom with practical tools that help you parent more peacefully and joyfully!

With gender biases like the “Maternal Wall” in our path, it's important we come together, support and strategize solutions early in our journey, so when we reach the top we create that embracing medical culture for all physician families!

Personalized Solutions & Partnerships

Are you looking for something else?

We understand that every woman physician is special and we each have our individual stories, our personal and professional challenges, aspirations, hopes, dreams, and goals shaped by our unique backgrounds, workplace and home environments.

That’s why at Pink Coat, MD we’ve partnered with some of the best professional experts and coaches who can offer private 1:1 sessions with you at a competitive rate to meet your individual needs! Whether it’s expert business advice from a professional business coach to help you navigate the complexities of your workplace, to expert legal advice to help you negotiate your employee contract, to expert life and wellness advice to help you stay mentally, physically, and emotionally strong throughout your medical career we want to serve your personal needs and help you live your best life!


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