It's time to care for women doctors the way we care for others.

It's time to care for women doctors the way we care for others.

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We are moved to action by the data

Why we care about empowering women in medicine

In our over 20 years combined direct patient care experience serving thousands of patients and families in our communities, we know what it’s like to love our profession but feel the joy for practicing medicine dwindle over the years as the ever-changing healthcare landscape makes us feel all the more isolated, overworked, undervalued, unappreciated, and like just another cog-in-the wheel.

Female doctors are more likely to leave medicine

The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) recently highlighted research that “40% of women physicians go part-time or leave medicine altogether within six years of completing their residencies.” (Paturel, AAMC, 2019).

Less than 20% of healthcare leadership positions are held by women

While the majority of U.S. medical students are now women, only 34% of physicians in the workforce are women, and only 16% of hospital C-suite leaders and 18% of deans and department chairs are women. The leadership funnel narrows early for women. (Mangurian, et al. Harvard Business Review, 2018).

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Female doctors are at higher risk of burnout

Female physicians have a 20-60% increased odds of burnout compared to men (West, et al. J. Internal Med. 2018). Studies suggest that emotional exhaustion may trigger burnout in women doctors (Houkes, et al. BMC Public Health, 2011). Physician burnout has been shown to correlate with a greater intent to decrease clinical workload or to leave current clinical practice (Shanafelt, et al. Arch Intern Med, 2012).

Female doctors are at higher risk of dying by suicide

Physicians practicing in the United States are at higher risk of suicide compared to other professions, with women particularly at risk (Dutheil, et al. PLOS One, 2019). The chances of dying by suicide are substantially higher for physicians than non-physicians, and between 250-400% higher for female physicians than other women (Hampton, T. JAMA, 2005). The suicide rate among female physicians is 2.27 times higher compared to females in the general population.

Compassionate Community

We envision a brighter and healthier future

We care deeply about our profession and our community. Our mission is to help female doctors become the most joyful, powerful, compassionate version of themselves. In addition to building our own community, we're also here to encourage and facilitate female physicians like you to build peer networks through group meet-ups and events. You don’t need to practice alone.

What we can do

Our recommended solutions

We believe empowering and lifting up each other with high-quality resources, a compassionate community and radical collaborations will transform our experience as women in medicine for the better. Our solutions are grouped into five key areas, proven to keep us healthy and strong:

Leadership Development

Professional Coaching

Peer Support


Relationships & Parenting Support


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