How To Thrive As A Woman Physician

Are you ready to feel more joy in your life and career? Designed by women physicians, this course shares the secrets to wellness and the key lessons to go from surviving to thriving!

Led by our Pink Coat, MD Co-Founders, Luisa Duran, MD and Tammie Chang, MD and based on their #1 Bestselling book, How to Thrive as a Woman Physician, this Bootcamp and Course helps you to learn the fundamental tools you need to thrive as a woman physician.

This bootcamp and course will cover:

  • Why Reading This Guide Matters
  • The Physician’s Broken Dream
  • Practical Resources and Life Strategies to Cope with Healthcare’s Imperfections
  • Care for Yourself FIRST and Improve Your Energy
  • Goodbye Work-Life Balance, Hello Work-Life Integration
  • Embracing Personal Boundaries
  • The Power of Self-Compassion
  • To Live with Greater Ease, Know Your Values
  • Healing with Connection and Creating Your Pack
  • Becoming the Hope
  • Imagining the “Future You”

[Bootcamps Offered Quarterly / On Demand Digital Course]

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Course Includes

  • 9 Lessons